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Haven Falls Motion Pictures produces compelling, cinematic, cost-effective films that authentically represent the stories of businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and creative individuals.

Our clients often find themselves needing professional video content but need a collaborator to help them safely travel that road.  Through our simple process and with over 13 years of professional video production experience, our studio understands the creative journey of film and can guide you through the movie making process from concept to deliverable.

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Stages of Production

Strategy Session

In this phone call or in-person Development Strategy Session we will seek to understand your organizations vision and the framework from where you and your project can best succeed.  We will develop your audience, timeline, budget, and specific video needs in order learn how we might best serve you.

After this foundational meeting takes place, we will put together a video proposal outlining the budget, timeline, and video details.  Only after you have had a chance to review and approve this proposal will we move forward with the project.

Concept Development

As an initial first step we will develop a creative Concept Document for your video that fits within your constraints.  This document is the ruler against which we measure our progress through the rest of production.  This document also describes the creative cinematic approach to the project and the primary and secondary audiences for the video.  After you have had a chance to review and approve of this creative approach, we can move forward into Pre-Production.


Since we measure twice before cutting, we first plan our work on paper.  Depending on your specific production we may create a script, storyboards, an “animatic” (edited rough draft of your production, sometimes more fully animated and sometimes just using sketches), and a production logistics plan.  We will also may do location scouting, casting, and other production coordination.

Because we move through pre-production with both creative and project management staff working together, your project is built on a foundation that enables the final creative elements to be produced on time and within budget.


Production is when we generate the original material which will be used in your project. The production logistics plan from the pre-production phase determines the elements which need to be produced and how we will produce them. During principal photography, we capture live action on a wide variety of media and produce other elements such as graphics or animation with a wide variety of artists and tools. We match the right resources to each project rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach. We do some projects completely in-house and include freelance personnel for others. Your project is unique, so we treat it that way.


Post-production is when we put the elements produced in the production phase together.  Here we will edit, color, sound design, score, and master your project.  We will present “rough-cuts” of your film for review and discuss potential revisions.


Distribution is our finalization and delivery process.  This phase includes authoring DVDs/Blue Rays Discs or compressing the video for whatever digital platform you plan to present the film.

Your distribution plans affect many decisions, right from the beginning. So, we plan everything based on how you will be using the finished production and its elements when completed. The last step in the process is to get your finished production to your audience.  And we are happy to help with that!

The Haven Falls team was incredible to work with. They were patient with all of our inexperience, they took time to explain things to us and they made an exceptional 15 minute video. We fell in love with them, so much so that we asked Kevin and his Haven Falls team to come back and create a new Visitor Orientation video in 2015.

Haven Falls Productions was thorough in their research,  extremely conscientious in making sure the story line was historically correct, and diligent in filming every scene. They worked with us to make sure we were happy with every part of the film. Their attention to detail was commendable and respected. We are very pleased with both of the films that they produced for us. Their professionalism and work ethics are admirable. If you get a chance to work with Haven Falls Motion Pictures, you will be blessed by the experience.

Hope E. Marstin

Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation

For more than 10 years, Haven Falls, has played a key role in helping the Bay Area Rescue Mission share stories of help and hope through their amazing talents of video!  From a 60-second vignette to a 30-minute production, Kevin and his team have always achieved exactly what we want to accomplish.  Haven Falls Motion Pictures delivers videos that stir the heart and enlighten the viewer which results in increased donations and support for our cause.

Rev. John M. Anderson

Executive Director, Bay Area Rescue Mission

Haven Falls produced the most exceptional and ‘moving’ videos I could ever have hoped for! He combines awesome technical skills with artistic creativity that left our audience “Wowed”.

John McCullah

Erosion Specialist & Instructor, Shasta College

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